Author : Nandz

Title      : 101010–Jealousy

Length  : chapt 2 of ?

Genre   : romance–full

Rating   : so far still PG I guess -___-

Note : Just Ignore the date. most of this story are flashbacks, saia lupa jalan ceritanya mau dibuat gimana, efek UTS kekekeke~

Enjoy, kommen diharapkan.

Disclaimer : yang pernah baca novel marrying aids, pasti tau aku ada ngambil satu cuplikan adegannya 🙂 just a little…

Language : some are written in Bahasa, lil’ fail Korean and Fail English muehehehe~~ Deal with it, please.


-Middle December 2009-

Two sides of me, when my dark side coming I can do nothing…

Namanya nickhun, perpaduan antara US- Korea dan china…Nick—that’s what I called him, always nice to me..

He knows me well among the others, I hate to say this but It seems that another side of me feel comfortable with him.

Is it what they called flirting ? –nan mollayo..
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