Title: Thank You

Author: Nindiyeah

Pairing: DooSeob

Genre: Romance

Rating: PG

Length: Oneshot

Wordsum: 1292 words

Summary: Yoseob’s birthday, but he felt so lonely because he felt far from someone.

A/N: happy birthday YANG YOSEOB ^__^

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By nindiyeah at 2011-01-14




“hwaaaaaa….!!”, Yoseob screamed as he slipped on the wet floor. But, suddenly, two strong arms prevented him from falling. Yoseob could felt heavy breath on his neck

“you always fall on your way! Be more careful, dummy!”, the arms’ owner whispered to him, sending shiver to his body. He quickly get out from the hold and nervously stared to the person who just helped him.

“ne! Thanks, Doojoon-ah~”, he then ran away without saying another words making Doojoon looked at him in question.


“babo~ Doojoon babo!! How can you do such a thing after that night, huh?”, Yoseob murmured to himself, memory from last night flashed in his mind.



That time, Doojoon studied how to keep his breath while singing and how to concentrate his singing while playing the piano from Yoseob, who well-known as the best singer in Beast. But without the knowing…without they could ever recognize, they didn’t even realize it, their lips touched each other. Making a perfect rhythm, just like dancing, their lips flowed. Feeling the taste of  cheese cake that Hyunseung has brought for them last night. But, when Doojoon started to look for access entering Yoseob’s mouth, Yoseob parted their lips. He blushed madly, couldn’t take his eyes away from the leader, so did Doojoon. He never expected how they could do such a thing. After a while of staring, Yoseob ran away without  a single words.

*flash ended*


After that night, Yoseob and Doojoon barely spoke to each other. Yoseob just didn’t know how to act and speak in front of him. Whenever he saw Doojoon around, his heart thrumped like crazy. And his whole body felt so hot, he avoided Doojoon the whole time. Beside, he Yosoeb knew some Dooseob fans out there and he even ever read those BoyXBoy fanfics . that was making him even more nervous.

But what about Doojoon? He was still in calm expression, joking around with Dongwoon and Kikwang for making Hyunseung angry that day.


To be honest, Doojoon’s attitude making Yoseob a little bit upset. Didn’t he should be more care or at least acting weird because of that kiss. Yoseob himself felt so uneasy, but why Doojoon acted like there was nothing happen between them? So, that kiss was nothing to him? So, for him, it’s OK for kissing your bandmates, huh? Even they both are boys? Doojoon even never talked about it , but the fact that Doojoon got even more closer was true. whereas, he tried to avoid Doojoon, but fate made them always met each other. Doojoon always looked after him and take care of him even no words between them.


One day, it’s only 12 hours to Yoseob birthday, January 5th. Yoseob was so damn-excited. He suddenly forgot his matter and couldn’t wait for amount of presents he would get on his birthday.

“ya! Yang Yoseob! What do you like?”, Junhyung asked him, seemed he wanted to give him a gift like Yoseob gave him glasses last year..

“well, I like IU?”, he answered innocently.

“ugh, I mean the THING you like, babo!”,  Junhyung mad a bit.

“just say ‘what present do you want the most?’, Junhyung! Hhhh~ you’re just stupid in making words.”, Hyunseung criticize Junhyung in scornful.

“no one asking you, flathead!”,  he replied sarcastically.

“what? You, cow-tounge, dare bashing me like that?”, and here they are. Fighting just because a simple matter.

“well, I like snow fight!”, Yoseob smiled to himself. Behind him, there were cold eyes stared him.


Actually, that day, they went to a resort for refreshing. But the weather got worse and a little bit danger for them to play snowboard or skating. So the boys were just stucked in the hotel for the whole day, playing UNO or playstation. Usually, Yoseob is the one who were really excited when it came to soccer game. He would love to challenging Doojoon to play. But that time, Yoseob wouldn’t join the game, he just played card with Hyunseung, Dongwoon and Kikwang, making the whole members confused.



10:00 P.M

The weather got better and the snow was so great. It made Yoseob wanted to play some snowfight outside while counting on his birthday.

“Junhyungie~ let’s played outside.”, Yoseob leaned on Junhyung who having a cup of hot chocolate with Hyunseung.

“can’t you see? I’m having my super lezatto chocolate, this is what I’ve been waiting for the whole day!”, he drank a bit in bliss.

“hyun~”, Yoseob was cutted by Hyunseung before he could finish his words.

“I join Junhyung. Sorry!”,

Junhyung and Hyunseung, the two are so dashing, Yoseob thought. He was about for asking Dongwoon, but seeing the magnae slept soundly on the couch, making him cancel it.

“I’d love to, hyung but I’m having stomach disorder right now…ough…..”, Kikwang who has gone to toilet for many times, feeling uneasy for rejecting Yoseob and then he ran again back to the toilet.


it’s the only name that came to his mind but, Doojoon wasn’t around.

“where is Doojoon?”, he asked out of curiousity.

“outside, buying some snacks. Nah~ just play with him, fans said he is your hubby, ne? .hahahaha”, Junhyung answered and smirked while the said boy just blush and went outside the room.

Yoseob then looking for Doojoon, for somehow, he missed Doojoon so much.



A snow ball hit Yoseob’s head. “wanna have some game?”, it was Doojoon, making a bigger ball for another hit.

“jerk~ I’ll get revenge soon”, Yoseob quickly made a ball with snow and threw it right to Doojoon’s face.

They played happily, there was no awkwardness between them anymore. Yoseob can finally smiled brightly in front of Doojoon, it makes Doojoon even happier than ever.


After an hour, it was five minutes more to Yoseob borthday. They fell to the ground heavily, let out hot breath after a tiring snowfight.

“hmm…I think it’s 12 already!”, Yoseob said.

“umm~ not yet!”, Doojoon stared yosob gently.

“hoe do you know?”, Yoseob asked out of curiousity.

“when the day changed, that tower will flash a red light. Some kind a laser I guess!”, Doojoon pointing a small tower, not far from their hotel.

“hwa~ this place sure is something, isn’t it?”, after those words, silent made it in time. No words came out, they just stared the sky, amazed the stars and spaced out.




The day has changed from January 4th to January 5th, which meant it was Yoseob birthday, it has come. And the tower has finally flashed red light to the snow ground. Yoseob’s eyes got wider just the second he saw the light. It wasn’t an ordinary light. The light was reflecting the words, “SAENGGIL CHUKKHAE, YANG YOSEOB”, it drawn perfectly to the snowy ground.

Doojoon let out a simple smile, “isn’t it sweet, huh?”, those words made Yoseob went back to reality.

“Doojoona~”, he almost couldn’t say a word.

“gahhhh~ don’t you know how much I miss your voice calling my name like that? “, he caressing Yoseob’s redish cheek “saeinggil chukkhae, Yeosob-ah~ I want our relationship get well like the old days or even~”, he leaned closer to Yoseob’s ear and whispered, “I want a closer relationship, more than just….friends”, Yoseob’s whole body boiled like water hearing those words and feeling Doojoon’s breath near his neck.

But then, he gave a satisful smile, “I take your challenge kkkk~ and…”, he gave Doojoon a peck, “thank you”, he smiled sweetly to the elder, but guess the peck never satisfied the leader. Because Doojoon grabbed his waist and kiss Yoseob’s lips with his own deeply.

Snow fell again, filling a wet sensation to their kiss. Let it snow, so you can feel how God had given you a wonderful gift on your birthday.


-the end-

tulisan pertamaku di blog ini~ gimana?????? hehehehe

15 pemikiran pada “]FF/DOOSEOB/ONESHOT/PG/ROMANCE] – Thank You

  1. Oh God!!!!!!!!!!!
    Doojoon-ah, kmu telah menodai SeobieQ!! tnggu pembalasanQ!!
    *lempar Doojoon ma bola2 salju*
    meski dsini gag prnh ad salju, wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk

    sayang one shoot, yg serial dong?? DooSeob yach yg bnyk….
    tak tnggun Nindia,,

  2. @nan: setor duluan tp udah dibaca lom?? wkwkwkwk

    @gun: bzzzz ini ff dooseob pertama aku loch hahahahahaha keren kan?? /plak *sombing bener* aih~ aku ndak suka buat serial, suka ga tw gmn endingx wkwkwkwk

  3. GRAWRRRRR~~~~ *ngamuk*
    nobody tell me bout this fanfic..

    ohhhhh nooooooo ma yoseobiiiiii

    doojoon…give ma yoseob back he is mine…

    “ya! Yang Yoseob! What do you like?”, Junhyung asked him
    “well, I like IU?”, he answered innocently

    yayaa i know u like me *IU read ji eun*

    ciecie potong onta(?) nih, tulisan pertamanya nindi..mna ff romance ku sma yoseob nin?? *nagih utang* 😀

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  6. eh? Ini sarang kamu juga nand??
    Aq gtau… Dapet fic ini juga hasil googling.. Lg pengen baca cinta-cintaannya dujun sm yoseob siih.. Hahaha

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