3 years ago, I Was Like…


attention this is not a fanfaction

this is only, my story, another story of my life, my own live..



I live my life as kiki or others usually called me chiki, it has been 3 years since I graduated from senior high school, and now thanks to god who always besides me no matter what, I already passed my last year on my campus and become graduated student. ok now let me start this story..chauu~~

3 years ago….

there was an ordinary girl, 18 years old girl, a young girl who try to find a job for a better future. she apply for a job in every company that she knew, a company that will accept her even though she just a graduated from senior high school.

on October 2010, there was a call from an automotive company, they want the girl to come to their office to have an interview and test, luckily the girl passed the interview also the test, and she will begin her first day work in a week.

she started her first job as a counter sales in one of a big automotive company. Only one year she left the company because of private reasons.

2 years ago…

her  cousins asked her if she want to apply job in a company where her cousin worked, one of the big company in her city, a company which is engaged in oil. yes she applied to that company but unfortunately she didn’t pass because she is only a senior high school graduated student .

1 year ago…

her aunt asked the girl to work with her in her company, which is engaged in drilling, coal drilling. Family company, it can be said like that, most of the employees there were the girl’s family, the director, the manager, the chef, the mechanics, and the girl as the logistics administration.

at first, the girls enjoy her works there, than after a month the girls feels so annoyed, so many reasons, one of the reason is because the accounting staff and the operational staff that always disturbing her, and for another reasons that the girl cannot explain here, too much reason anyway

after one year the girl leave that company, because she finds another company reference from her best friend in her campus. the girl passed the interview and begin her new job in a day, she enjoyed her job there, she meets and makes a good friend there, even thought it was only 2 months she made a good memories there.

again the girl leave a company, and her jobs period there only 2 months, she found another great job with a promising salary, and also one step closer to her dream.


the girl passed the interview and the test on that company, she entered the company on 19th of November until now, almost a year, a good job for her….hope she has a bright future in her live.


since 3 years ago till now, the one who always support me are my parents, my mother, my father and my younger sister, the reason for me to continue and to survive until now.

the girl, it was me a girl named Faradina Rizky. I grew up with that name, the eldest daughter in my family, and I proud with fact that I have a family that always besides me 🙂

no matter what will happen, I only need god and my parents beside me, to strengthen me from both side, and my friends they always there for me, thanks for believe in me, thanks to god that he still gives me chance to make my parents happy, I LOVE MY PARENTS, I LOVE MY FRIENDS, AND I LOVE MY GOD  many thanks.

pic credit : weheartit, forgot the publisher (sorry)

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