November 2016



….Nov 2016….



she stare at him

she dumbfounded

she hear the sound but she cannot understand what it tells about


she feels black

she blankly stare at the paper in front of her

she try to stick with her sanity


she try to understand

she try to listen

but she…

she is still trying

her eye feels like burning

it is hot. it is hurt

she knows it will be come

she knows….

but she is still cannot believe it

and there he said

“don’t take this as a separation”



she smiles, she nods

she is faking the smile, and

she is nodding like she understand

she left…she takes herself left the room

she walks through the halls

she walks slowly like nothing happen

she immerses by her own world

her steps becomes heavy

her heart becomes weak

her head about to explode

her tears about to fall


her reflection on the mirror is cursing her

“why are you looking down, you know it will come, you know it will end soon, did you forget it? you know it but you act like you don’t, why? are you out of your mind? you are expecting too much, back to reality would you”


her legs going weak as she fell

her eyes feels hurt as she cries

she cries…

she cries…




over and over again


what will future bring?


she want to believe but she denied

she want to smile but she cried

she want to continue but it ended



“it is new beginning instead of the end”

as she whispered at herself.

“it is new beginning instead of farewell”

as she convinced herself.




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