Unpredictable [oneshoot]


Title: Unpredictable

Author: Ridandelions

Casts:  Shin Hyo Yoo, Kim Heechul, Jung Yunho, others

Genre: Romance

Rating: PG-13

Length: Oneshoot

Disclaimer: I just own the plot. The characters and others belong to themselves.

*a/n: really, this is fail ==v comments are really really loved ❤


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I Love The Way You Lie part 1


Author : ChiQ – Rida

Title : I Love The Way You Lie

Length : part 1 of ?

 Genre : Continue/ Romance/

Rating : G

n/b : hasil rembukan dengan mrs jung, enjoy reading

Keajaiban. Akankah dia menghampiriku

Keajaiban. Akankah kembali datang untukku

Semua masih terukir jelas di pikiran dan juga di hatiku

Semua tentang dirimu, semuanya…


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[intro] Rotten Kingdom – Into The New Live

Author : chiQ
Title : Rotten Kingdom – Into The New Live
Length/ Genre : Oneshoot Series/ Romance/Comedy
Rating : G
in a deep forest live an oldman with his wife
They live in their castle , but until now they don’t have a child, so they dicided to adopted children, who will be the shining prince and princess
They’re going to adopted 5 children, now they already found 4 children, 1 men, and 3 women
Princess jewel
Prince emerald
Princess diamond
and Princess pearl
they’re going to find another one, prince or maybe princess
one day the king found a young girl and he adopted her as his princess, he called her golden princess
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