Author : Nandz

Title      : 101010–Jealousy

Length  : chapt 2 of ?

Genre   : romance–full

Rating   : so far still PG I guess -___-

Note : Just Ignore the date. most of this story are flashbacks, saia lupa jalan ceritanya mau dibuat gimana, efek UTS kekekeke~

Enjoy, kommen diharapkan.

Disclaimer : yang pernah baca novel marrying aids, pasti tau aku ada ngambil satu cuplikan adegannya 🙂 just a little…

Language : some are written in Bahasa, lil’ fail Korean and Fail English muehehehe~~ Deal with it, please.


-Middle December 2009-

Two sides of me, when my dark side coming I can do nothing…

Namanya nickhun, perpaduan antara US- Korea dan china…Nick—that’s what I called him, always nice to me..

He knows me well among the others, I hate to say this but It seems that another side of me feel comfortable with him.

Is it what they called flirting ? –nan mollayo..
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A year has been passed

A year has been through

All the pain, tears and sadness

All the smile, laugh and happiness

Filling in my daily with you

Filling in my mind just thinking of you

Sometimes I feel like a fool, there only me who always thinking about you

Feeling like I want to quit

Feeling like I want to stop right here, just you

Did you know ?
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